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Curious Questions and Answers

Do I Have to Have My 20-Year-Old Teeth Removed?

20-year-old teeth are the teeth at the very back of the mouth, which are prone to decay due to their location and are often out of function. There is no rule that ‘it should definitely be taken’ and they often create problems. In cases where it cannot come out due to lack of space, it can cause infection and pain in that area at periodic intervals. In addition, there may be difficulty in opening and closing the mouth and the application of force to crooke the adjacent teeth. Therefore, physician control on this issue is a must.

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

After performing an oral examination under the supervision of a physician in the tooth whitening clinic and evaluating the previous procedures such as filling restoration in the teeth; it does not cause any harm to individuals with healthy teeth and gums when done with the help of quality gels and devices.

How Long Can We Use a Toothbrush?

A toothbrush should be used for a maximum of 3 months.

Are Dental Implants Healthy?

Nowadays, dental implant treatment has been our most preferred treatment alternative compared to other treatment alternatives in the majority of cases of tooth loss. Correct diagnosis and diagnosis, sufficient knowledge and experience, appropriate conditions, all the necessary team and equipment, all together, dental implant treatment gives very good and successful results. Within the scope of accurate diagnosis and diagnosis, in addition to the suitability of the implant candidate’s jawbone and anatomical neighborhoods, conditions such as the individual’s systemic status, daily habits and oral hygiene are expected to be appropriate.

Dental implants are the best form of treatment to replace a lost tooth when conditions are right.

What antibiotic should I use when my teeth hurt?

It is not right to use antibiotics every time your tooth hurts. We dentists do not recommend antibiotics unless the patient has an acute infection. If your tooth hurts, it will be the best solution to use pain medications such as paracetamol instead of antibiotics and to consult a dentist as soon as possible to determine and treat the source of pain. Do not forget that it is completely wrong and inconvenient to rinse your mouth with liquids such as alcohol, raki and cologne for toothaches, to put aspirin tablets on the area or to apply inappropriate and irrelevant chemicals such as hydraulic oil.

When I was pregnant, my dentist advised me to take antibiotics, what should I do?

It should be remembered that an inflamed tooth is more harmful to the baby. If there is gingivitis, it should be treated, the inflamed teeth that need to be extracted should be extracted and the caries that causes pain or sensitivity should be treated. It should be used if your doctor recommends that you take antibiotics. Not using your prescribed medications with the idea that antibiotics will harm my baby can cause inflammation to reach your baby through blood vessels and you can harm your baby more.

Which Teeth Remain Buried?

Every tooth has the possibility of remaining buried. The most commonly impacted teeth are 20-year-old teeth, canine teeth and small molars.

From What Age Should I Bring My Child to You?

When the baby is 6-8 months old. (i.e. when the first teeth appear in the mouth) the cleaning process should begin. After breakfast in the morning and before going to bed at night, it is appropriate to wipe the teeth (at least the chewing surfaces) by wetting a clean cheesecloth or gauze. It is appropriate to start the use of toothbrushes after the child’s back teeth come out (average 2.5 – 3 years old). It is very difficult to apply a technique for brushing teeth in preschool children. The important thing at this age is to give the child the habit of brushing teeth. When children brush their teeth, they often brush the visible or easily accessible faces of the teeth. However, in order to prevent caries, it is necessary to clean the interfaces and chewing surfaces of the teeth much better. Therefore, parental control after brushing is good.

What Is Amalgam Filling?

Amalgam fillings; Amalgam fillings, 50% of which are made of mercury, are a durable filling material formed by connecting all metals such as tin, zinc and silver.

Amalgam fillings have been used to repair decayed and damaged teeth for a very long time before the introduction of tooth-colored white composite fillings. However, since most patients prefer the natural appearance of white composite fillings, the frequency of use is gradually decreasing.

Are Amalgam Fillers Harmful?

They are considered safe because the amount of mercury contained in amalgam fillings is not at a level that can cause health problems.

How is Smile Design Done?

After panoramic x-ray and detailed intraoral examination, it is determined which treatments will be needed and intraoral measurements are taken by taking intraoral and facial photographs of the patient.

Together with the measurements taken and the face photographs taken, the lip position on the face, the amount of appearance of the teeth and gums is determined and a design is prepared in color shapes and sizes appropriate to the patient’s expectation.

When the design is ready in the model, we apply it to the mouth with the help of a silicone template with the application we call mock-up.

The necessary extensions, abbreviations, changes are decided at this stage.

After the treatment is decided, if necessary, treatments such as filling, root canal treatment, extraction, gum health treatment are applied to make the infrastructure sound and healthy. If necessary, gum leveling is performed for pink aesthetics. When the treatment stages are over, the selected aesthetic materials such as laminate veneer, zirconium or emax crowns are applied to the teeth.